National Grid

Jim Cleary – Lead Engineer for Green Energy and Distributed Generation Interconnections offers in-house office hours at WCTI

Jim is available to meet with companies that are seeking guidance on working with the utilities from both a technical and strategic standpoint. Making sure that startups align their efforts to comply with industry standards and best practices can alleviate major road blocks down the line. His breadth of knowledge and familiarity with he local distribution system is an invaluable resource to our community.

Jim Cleary received his BSc in Electrical Engineering and MBA from WPI and has 24 years of experience as a distribution engineer at National Grid USA in Massachusetts. In recent years his focus has been on system integration of distributed generation on 35kV systems and below, including solar, wind (1, 2), hydro, flywheels (3), co-generation and landfill gas. His main interests are system impacts due to high penetration distributed generation, particularly voltage and power quality (4, 5).

By helping startups navigate the complexities of the energy sector, National Grid is driving new technology adoption. WCTI is proud to be partnered with National Grid to ensure that we have clean, reliable energy now and for the future.
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