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Andrew Breiter-Wu

Breiter Planet Properties President | LinkedIn

Bio: Andrew is passionate about helping people and curing the world’s major challenges through social enterprise. More specifically, by bringing clean energy to communities across the world, he is joining the efforts of millions of amazing individuals and companies that are accelerating the adoption of solar energy.

Andrew’s operating values are built on the basis of hard work, daily hustling, and actively using every ounce of personal energy to make an impact in the lives of individuals across the world. This mentality has allowed him to bootstrap his startup. He does his best work from 9AM to 3AM and when he is not traveling, he is situated walking on his treadmill desk at his home office.

Skills: Sales, marketing, business development, communication, branding, motivational talks, business advice, and market development.

Cory - Cory Bisbee.JPG

Cory Bisbee

Sixth Risk Founder | LinkedIn

Bio: I'm a rising fourth-year student at Clark University majoring in Political Science (International Relations) and Asian Studies (China). My academic focus is on the domestic politics of Northeast Asian countries—for example, Party-state apparatus in China, defense policy in North Korea, factional politics in Japan, and party dynamics in South Korea. As a hobby, I like to watch movies from Korea (for their quality and originality compared to endless sequels and spinoffs for American movies) and China (only for academic reasons; many Chinese films are low quality).

Skills: Copy editing, most things China/Japan/Korea-related


stacy - Stacy Chin.jpeg

Stacy Chin

HydroGlyde Coatings Co-Founder and CEO | LinkedIn

Hobbies: cooking, eating (lot of eating-big foodie), movies, exploring, trying out new bars and restaurants, sports (lifting (I'm new at this!); biking; running; yoga, volleyball; basketball, hiking), SHOPPING

Skills: Research, chemistry (polymers, biochemistry, organic, material science), grant writing (SBIRs for NSF, DOD, NIH; matching grants; R01s; fellowships)

Joshua_Croke_11_08_2016-25_Square_web - Joshua Croke.jpeg

Joshua Croke

Action! by Design Founder | LinkedIn

Bio: I put myself into the designer/strategist category and have worked across multiple industries in my professional career. I built a creative design, tech, and business degree at WPI and now run Action! Worcester and a consultancy; Action! by Design. Action! Worcester is focused on inclusive economic development in Worcester by amplifying the innovation and creative ecosystem in the city. Action! by Design helps people design and implement projects at the intersection of design, technology, and society.

I also run a social justice movement called 'Love Your Labels' that encourages people to embrace who they are as a way to inspire young people to be authentically and live their own truth.

Skills: I provide creative strategy and design services across branding, business strategy and development, innovative project design, project management, and other implementation services like UX/UI, Website Design, and Visual Design. If you're looking to create and build on new ideas to help further your company or organization, I run design workshops and creative sessions to help amplify impact of these efforts.

19875448_10154818852369639_1496172646803556616_n - Jason Dallas.jpg

Jason Dallas

Practical Security Solutions Partner | LinkedIn

Skills: Cyber Security, Architecture : Network/System/Security, IDS/IPS, Forensics, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Regulatory Compliance, Policy & Procedure, Cloud Computing, AWS, Azure, SalesForce



Jeuji Diamondstone

Renewable Energy Worcester Co-organizer | LinkedIn

Bio: Grow perennial vegetables & fruits; certified permaculture teacher; support various solidarity economy initiatives; write fiction & occasionally poetry.

Skills: Connecting to resources in the alternative economy world, including consumer- and worker-owned co-operative businesses.

8E8730D5-62C5-419A-97C0-9AB16150501A - Ryan d.jpeg

Ryan Dolan

Canary Co-Founder 

Bio: I bartend nights. Love learning new skills. Example: recently just received motorcycle license. Love golfing, even though I’m crap.

Skills: I’m pretty good at photoshop. I know a fair amount of hard working people that would be interested in helping build a startup.


headshot - Mitch Gaines.jpeg

Mitch Gaines

Bakku Technologies CTO | LinkedIn

Bio: I'm an avid SCUBA diver and photographer and I also grow carnivorous plants.

Skills:The bulk of my experience is in software engineering and digital pathology. I am pursuing B.S. degrees in Robotics Engineering and Computer Science at WPI.

Wally_Daddy - Eric Gratz.jpg

Eric Gratz

Battery Resourcers CEO | LinkedIn

Bio: I used to climb rocks.

Skills: Bootstrapping with grants, early stage financing, project management


Racquel Knight

One Chair for One Child Founder and Executive Director | LinkedIn

Bio: I am a lover of music. I also write songs. If you want to become my best friend, mangoes will get you there, because it is my favorite fruit. I also love to play the game cricket and I used to play soccer a long time ago.

Skills: Drafting proposals, planning events and working on projects, connecting with people, public speaking etc...

JL Mid Shot - Vitana Melesiute.jpg

Janet Loop

EnerConnex Managing Partner | LinkedIn

Bio: Janet enjoys SCUBA diving and is an energy industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in the electricity and natural gas markets. Janet began her career working for Boston Edison (now known as Eversource Energy) where she learned the intricacies of the retail energy markets including; pricing design, regulatory compliance, energy efficiency programs along with the workings of unregulated subsidiaries. In 2001, she joined SmartEnergy, an electricity supply leader in the early days of deregulation. It was here that Janet became versed in electricity and natural gas procurement. In 2004, Janet joined World Energy Solutions as a Market Director. During her 12 years with World Energy Solutions, Janet procured energy for customers in the NY, New England, PJM, Texas and Canadian markets.

Skills: She has been involved in utility rate/tariff design, energy efficiency program implementation, de-regulation rule setting, regulatory compliance and most importantly electricity and natural gas procurement.


Jamie Lund

Polyphonic & Co CEO and Founder | LinkedIn

Bio: Moonlight as a chef, coffee enthusiast, amateur cyclist, a soft spot for herbal remedies.

Skills: Marketing / Client Engagement / Company Culture

Vitana Melesiute

EnerConnex Managing Partner | LinkedIn

Bio: Vitana is an established leader in the retail energy industry with more than 17 years of experience marketing energy commodity products and services to large C&I customers. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies in developing customized strategies for energy procurement, demand side management, and energy efficiency planning and implementation. Prior to joining EnerConnex, Vitana worked in various roles at World Energy Solutions. Since inception, she was an integral part of World Energy’s evolution into one of the largest energy brokerage companies in the country. Vitana directed the company’s new market entrance program, while transacting over 50 TWh in energy contracts for commercial, industrial, and government clients. As a Market Director over the PJM, MISO, NYISO, CAISO and ERCOT markets, her extensive market expertise enabled her to drive customer success by taking advantage of market opportunities while advocating on behalf of the client.

Skills: Developing customized strategies for energy procurement, demand side management, and energy efficiency planning and implementation.

Ron+Ranauro+head+shot - Ronald Ranauro.png

Ronald Ranauro

TrialIO and Incite Advisors Founder 


Bio: Passionate home cook, hot yoga whenever I can, father of 3 professionals and practicing artists!

Skills: Strategy and positioning, fund-raising, B2B sales techniques, team building, etc.

image - Tyler Scionti.png

Tyler Scionti

Blog Trackr CEO and Founder | LinkedIn

Bio: When I'm not working on Blog Trackr I like to practice my various hobbies. I love to cook - I've been cooking since I was 11 years old and mainly revolve around Italian food. I also love to play baseball in a league in Boston, and practice piano when I have time. I'm also an avid reader, I try to read as often as I can even if just while commuting and I'm always looking for a new book suggestion!

Skills: I've gained experience in software development & design, product management, digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, website design, and graphic design.


Shahbaz Soofi

WooRides Co-Owner and Cooperator | LinkedIn

Bio: I enjoy gardening & tinkering with my old motorcycle.

Skills: Project Management, Basic skill in setting up a website, I can hold my own with Excel/Google Sheets