“E4TheFuture promotes residential clean energy and sustainable resource solutions to advance climate protection and economic fairness by influencing federal, state and local policies, and by helping to build a resilient and vibrant energy efficiency and clean energy sector.”




“EnerConnex offers integrated energy solutions tailored to commercial, industrial, government and institutional facilities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our team is comprised of industry leaders with over two decades of experience in deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.

Our approach is to simplify the complex energy markets around us through our Expertise, Process, and Technology. We deliver results by focusing on the price you pay, the quantity you use, and when and how you use it. With our extensive network of energy suppliers and efficiency partners, EnerConnex has the buying power to deliver optimum results to your energy cost line item.”



“Our process is truly what makes us unique. A unity of human interaction and time-saving software, we are able to make the process of going solar simpler, faster, and more understandable while providing greater access to product and service choice and customization than any other solution provider.”





“LocalPorch is a community-­focused, handmade marketplace to connect consumers directly with local artisans. Consumers can find what is made in their neighborhood and the various ways to obtain it, while artisans have an authentic space online to increase local sales with minimal marketing efforts. Our vision is to simplify local handmade commerce, foster connections within a community, and re-inspire local economy”





“Xenoma is revolutionizing wearable electronics with e­skin. A spin­out from the Someya lab at the University of Tokyo in 2015, Xenoma seamlessly integrates stretchable circuit and sensor technologies with traditional textiles to remotely monitor the user’s motion, respiration, and body temperature for virtual reality (VR) gaming, health care, and fitness apparel markets. E­skin is designed to be worn comfortably like a typical shirt, to withstand active daily use, and to be machine washable”


Former Members



“KBioBox LLC is a leading bioinformatic and biodesign services company providing worldwide client base with fast accurate genomic analysis by harnessing the power of unique computational systems driven by proprietary algorithms. (Patents Pending)”

~KBioBox LLC


Remotii Logo


“At Remotii, Inc., our goal is to put control of everyday life at the user’s fingertips. We design hardware that allows people to monitor devices they select through a user friendly web page. Remotii is all about the user! The user decides what devices, house, and what requirement/specification will be monitored (entry/exit, temperature sensing, on/off, etc.). We provide the interface to do it. The possibilities are endless, and we do not seek to limit them.”

~Remotii Inc.